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All eyes were on Zinedine Zidane on Friday as the Real Madrid manager held a press conference to preview Saturday’s highly anticipated El Clásico against historic rivals Barcelona. The Boss sat down in front of the media to discuss the clash, which could a crucial fixture in keeping his job, provided a fitness update on captain Sergio Ramos, and how he plans on turning the situation around.


“We know what we’re going to encounter, an empty stadium, but it’s the same for every team. It’s a different Clásico, but it’s still a Clásico and it’s always special. It’s important for us to start tomorrow’s game well. A Clásico is a Clásico, with two good teams going head to head. It’ll be a good match despite the situation and the empty stadium. It’s the best way to turn the situation around because it’s the match we’ve got tomorrow. We want to turn things around and and that is what we are going to do by playing our game.”



“We know he’s our captain, our leader, and we’re not going to risk him. He’s recovered and he’s going to be with us. It’s about being one hundred percent and Sergio is.”


“We’ll see after the game. We got off to a bad start in the sense that when we conceded a goal, we found it hard to get our heads up again. We found it difficult to play against a team that sits so deep and we didn’t find a way through. But this is football and there are ups and downs and you have to accept that. We want to now focus on a different game tomorrow and forget about what happened the other day. It happened to us recently, we’ve had some problems and in football the situation is a bit strange for every team, but we have the chance to put in a good performance to show our strengths.”


“We’re not going there as underdogs or anything else. Every game has its own story. That’s the beauty of football because you can have a bad run, a bad game. In the end the good thing about football is that you have the chance to respond and change the situation again. And that is what we’re going to try to do. Think positive and put in a great performance of football.”


“We’ve had 48 hours to prepare for the game. The situation is what it is, the game as well. We want to put in a good performance, to start well and to play well, to be strong. Confidence comes with what you do on the pitch. If you play well you will gain confidence, and that’s what we want to do tomorrow.”


“They’re a team that are always strong with every coach. Everyone brings their own things, but Barça is always Barça. They are a team that knows how to play good football and can always make things difficult for you. I won’t go into the details. What I do know is that we’re going to have a difficult game and that’s good for us. To get out on the field and play a game that is going to be difficult from the start.”


“I have always been critical of myself because that’s the driving force behind always getting better. But we know that we can change things all together and the players want to put in a good performance. After a defeat as a coach, I have most of the criticism and that’s expected. But I don’t live in the past. I’m interested in what’s ahead, we have a game tomorrow and we have the chance to play well.”


“To win. We don’t go out on to the pitch not to win. Sometimes it’s doesn’t turn out right, but we always go out to win. Sometimes things don’t work out for you, but the good thing is that we take our motivation and our commitment onto the pitch for 90 minutes.”


“There’s no easy game and sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. That’s what happened to us the other day. They scored a goal against us and it’s true that they made it difficult. We’ve always had ups and downs at Real Madrid, but not only with me. Tomorrow is an important occasion to turn things around, from a bad match to a good match.”


“Yes. From everyone. I’ve won a lot of things with the players, they’ve made me win a lot of things. When you say that I’m always behind the players, I’m always going to be with them to the end, because they are the ones who fight, run and give their all. I’m feeling everyone’s support, but now the important thing for us is to change our mindset because we’ve had two difficult games and we have one now to change things. That’s what it’s all about. When things get like this, those who have character, quality, step forward and we have to give everything tomorrow.”


“No. I want to do my job. Especially when the things that are said about the team aren’t nice. I’m the coach who decides and that’s it. We’re here and we’re going to try and do things together and get through this. When we have a bad game, what you have to do is stick together. And not only in football, in life it is like that. What I want from my players is to be together and try to change a negative into a positive.”


“The attitude is not going to be the problem. In the two games we were missing a lot of things, but not the attitude of my players. They always want to do well because they have the motivation and concentration to do well. But every now and then it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.”


“That’s what they say. I’m not going to deny it. What changes? Nothing has changed. Last year it was the same, when I was in the first stage the same… I have to do my job, to give 100%, everything I have within me as always and that’s all. History doesn’t change. Criticism doesn’t make me change, what has to make us change is knowing that tomorrow we have a very important match and we have to change things.”


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