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On Sunday night, in an interview with Jordi Evole, the infamous doctor Eufemiano Fuentes angered Real Madrid, and as a result, the club will be taking legal action against the Spanish medic.

Fuentes, who played a significant role in the largest doping scandal in the country during the mid-2000s, responded to some questions from the interviewer. He was asked about his links with several top-flight La Liga clubs, which he answered clearly, but when it came to questions specifically regarding his alleged connection to Los Merengues doctors, his responses were full of pauses and discomfort.

La Sexta host Josep Pedrerol confirmed on Jugones that Madrid would indeed sue him, with the club reportedly furious at this specific extract from last night’s interview, which is translated by AS:


Evole: “Did you advise the doctors at Valencia?”
Fuentes: “No”

Evole: “You advised the Real Madrid doctors?.”
Fuentes: “I’m not going to answer that question”, he says, lowering his head and holding his forehead.

Evole: “Who could we talk to at Real Madrid to find out if you worked with their doctors?”
Fuentes: “May I? While I drink, I’ll think”, responds Fuentes fidgeting in his seat

Evole: “You referred to the Real Madrid doctor as Alfonsito.”
Fuentes: “Sure. So, obviously, to a doctor offended by having been linked to me, you can’t ask him. Who else witnessed that? Nobody else.”

Evole: “And about that? What I said did not happen. What a turn of events, huh?”
Fuentes: “You got me, you got me”, replied the 66-year old, who was implicated in Operación Puerto doping case.


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