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Paul Pogbas brother, Mathias, gave an interview last night in the Spanish TV-show El Chiringuito and talked about his brother’s current situation.

“We all know my brother wants to leave Manchester United, but this whole situation is not his fault. He will keep working hard and we’ll see what happens later. Zidane is one of the greats, I think he won’t have a problem to win titles if the club gives him the players that he wants. If they don’t give him one or two of the names he is requesting, he will have a very difficult time trying to win a trophy because his plans won’t go the way he wants”, Mathias told El Chiringuito.

Paul’s older brother also mentioned that it’s already a bit late for Madrid to get Paul Pogba, but he thinks that Florentino Perez could still manage to get a deal done. He said,

“It’s already a little late for him to get all the players he requested. What Zidane needs is my brother, and I believe he also needs another midfielder. Of couse I think Florentino can sign my brother, nothing in this life is impossible. I really don’t think he is worth €200 million though, the world of football has gone mad.”

“Manchester United will ask for a lot of money, but he isn’t worth €200 million. The situation is very sensitive right now but each player has his personal goals, he will leave if he has to leave. If he doesn’t end up leaving, I think Paul will behave like a professional without a problem. But can’t assure anybody that he will remain at United this season. You never know what can happen in football. Anything can happen until September the 2nd. The problem is that Manchester United’s owners don’t want to negotiate”, Mathias said.

And that is indeed the biggest problem. Paul Pogba is Manchester United’s biggest star and United is not a club that needs to sell their players if they don’t want to. A move to the Bernabeu this summer remains unlikely for Paul Pogba.


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