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Ahead of the 2022 Spanish Supercup, Toni Kroos spoke to the media to preview Real Madrid’s semi-final match-up against FC Barcelona.


On the tournament

“We want to win this tournament, we’re here to win. Every tournament is important for us.”

On his start to the season

“It was a tough start to the season with an injury, it never happened before in my career. I do want to play the whole season, at the start I had to stop and recover – but I invested that time well, I’ve come back stronger. I’m enjoying my football.”


“I don’t know if this is my best season, I’m lucky enough to have been on top for many years.”

Who’s the favorite?

“We may be a little better than Barça in La Liga, but it’s a Clásico and there are no favorites. I’ve been here for eight years and these games are different. We want to win, of course.”

On Barcelona

“Barca using more possession? I like my team with more possession, but you can’t just stick to that – you have to be versatile.”

“I haven’t watched Barca this season, I have better things to do.”

Real Madrid’s season so far

“I think we’ve improved a lot in the last 2-3 months, we’ve won many games but I’ve always said there’s room for improvement. We’ve played some very good games against tough teams. But it’s still too early to define a season.”



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