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Alphonse Areola was officially unveiled as a new Real Madrid player at the Santiago Bernabéu on Friday afternoon. The French goalkeeper appeared in the board room alongside Florentino Pérez and signed his loan contract, before posing for pictures with his family and the no.1 shirt.

After the ceremony, Areola spoke to the press in the media room to answer questions and share his feelings after joining the club.

“It is true that joining a club coached by a legend like Zidane, for me is an honour, to play under him and I will give everything. My goal is to do my best every day in training and to be ready and prepared for each game when I can demonstrate my level. I have to be strong and show everything I’ve got. Zidane has welcomed me very well, and as you know, what the two of us have discussed will not leave the changing room.”



“It is clear that when you are at the biggest club in the world, everyone demands good results. You have to try to keep clean sheets and they have already told me about the pressure, but I have to show my level. I have talked about taking the number one spot with my friends and family. It means a lot here and an idol of my childhood Casillas had it, and I’ve got some of his jerseys. It’s a nice thing and I will have to prove that I am number one.”


“I have seen the trophies in the boardroom and seeing all those titles in person makes you want to get more titles and Champions Leagues with Real Madrid. To achieve this, you have to work hard, be competitive and achieve the goals at the end of the season.”


“It was a joint decision, it is true that I had the last word because I had to decide what to do with my career. It was a great opportunity to join the best club in the world and grow as a player, in addition to having a new experience.

“It is true that I only have a one-year contract but I am here at the stadium, I have seen the whole story and I will try to make the most of it. There is a hierarchy but if I have the opportunity to play, I will demonstrate my level, as well as my work in training.”


“Right now I’m not thinking about being a substitute. It’s a happy day for me, to join a great team and contemplate the history that this great club has. I will give everything to be prepared and if I have the opportunity to play, I will play well. And if I don’t play much, that will be seen in the future. What I’ve talked about with Zidane stays between us. I have to be prepared to give everything.”


“He is left-footed, I’m right-footed. We are the two goalkeepers and the first contact has been very good. We had a coach we both know and we talked about him. There are always opportunities in football and when they come, I will have to demonstrate my level.”


“It is a big coincidence that I will return so quickly to my childhood club. In the changing room I haven’t talked about their squad or how Tuchel is going to play. I’m trying to integrate as soon as possible, they have received me well and I am glad to have had my first training session. Tomorrow we have an important match against Levante and we have to be ready.”


“I am the one who has to give my all and if I don’t get minutes it will be more difficult to pay for the national team, but I will be prepared to give everything.”


“The only thing I’ve said to Mbappé is that I hope he will recover soon from his injury and we’ll see what happens in the future. He has his story, I have mine, and I’m going to write a great story with Real Madrid. Right now he is in Paris and I’m here. I didn’t get the chance to speak with Pogba when the French team got together because I was injured. I know him well, he has always been my captain. He is a great person, with a lot of quality, everyone has their own path and history.”


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